Simple Creatures

Amongst the most simple creatures in this world, I believe one of those are men. This is not meant to be degrading, it is a good thing. The majority of men I have encountered are extremely simple, but it is the few that are complicated that I seem to be drawn to and them me. I am an observer of people, so when I come across these men it triggers my interest. I study them and I tell them I am and why I am and they seem to embrace it and they answer every question I present to them. Sometimes they are hesitant, but they tell me that it is only because they don’t know if I will think they are asses, but Inreassure them that I already know they are asses and they continue. These men are all very different but share some of the same qualities. Some of these qualities are that of confindence, arrogance, and a source of power that truely amazes me. These people seem brutal to some and even me at times, but it is when you dig deeper you see that once you gain their trust, their loyalty and in some sense their love there is absolutely nothing that they wouldn’t do for you. 


My life unfiltered.

I am new at blogging and am not sure how good I will be at this, but I am hoping a couple of my friends will join in and we can get acquainted with this together. I wanted to start this blog because at this point in my life I have come to the realization that there were so many parts of myself I kept surpressed. I no longer feel as though I need to surpress anything about myself, because even though some parts of my daily life are a bit outlandish and some of what I say isn’t exactly the nicest things to come out of someone mouth, it is who I am and how I view the world and the people in it. Some may think I am a bit harsh at times and sometimes I do look back and realize that I was a bit harsh, but most of the time I don’t. I am a mother, a wife, a friend (to a couple of the craziest and funiest ladies out there), a student and a woman that works in a male dominated enviroment, so most days I will have something interesting to share. Some posts I think can be helpful to some people and some of them will possibly be useless, but just know that these posts will be my life unfiltered and that is my goal.